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(high-, medium- and low-carbon)

Ferrochrome contains from 65% to 72% of chrome depending on a grade. It also contains around 28-30% of iron and a maximum of 1.5% of silicon (Si), interspersed with small amounts of sulfur (S) and phosphorus (P) impurities and other non-ferrous metals and gases. Ferrochrome is used to improve steel quality and performance. All ferrochrome produced by ERG complies with the ISO 5448 standard.

Produced by:
  • The Aktobe Ferroalloys Plant: all grades of ferrochrome;
  • The Aksu Ferroalloys Plant: high-carbon ferrochrome only.

Ferrosilicomanganese is used to deoxidize and to produce various steel alloys in order to improve their properties and structure. As an alloying component, manganese is used in smelting of wear-resistant steels such as Hatfield steel. All ferrosilicomanganese produced by ERG complies with the ISO 5447 standard.

Produced by:
  • the Aksu Ferroalloys Plant.

Ferrosilicon is used to deoxidize and to produce various steel alloys in order to improve their properties and structure. When transformer steel is alloyed with silicon in a consistent manner, its electrical properties are improved. All ferrosilicon produced by ERG complies with the ISO 5445 standard.All ferrochrome produced by ERG complies with the ISO 5445 standard.

Produced by:
  • the Aksu Ferroalloys Plant.
Chrome Ore Concentrate

Chrome ore concentrate is used for producing ferroalloys, refractory products and chrome compounds.

Produced by:
  • Donskoy GOK – (DGOK) « (TNC Kazchrome JSC).»
Manganese Ore Concentrate

Manganese ore concentrate is used for the production of ferroalloys.The manganese content in manganese ore concentrates at the Kazmarganets Mining Enterprise ranges from 20% to 43%. The product complies with the entity’s ST F AO 306792590000-01-2008 standard.

Produced by:
  • the Kazmarganets Mining Enterprise (TNC Kazchrome JSC).
Iron Ore Concentrate and Pellets

Iron ore concentrate and pellets are used to produce iron and steel in blast furnaces. At ERG these products comply with the following technical specifications:

  1. Iron ore concentrate produced by SSGPO: ST AO 00186789-11404-2014;
  2. Non-fluxed iron ore pellets produced by SSGPO: ST AO 00186789-11402-2012.
Produced by:

Smelter grade alumina produced at ERG complies with the GOST 30558-98 Grade G-00 standard.

It is used as the main raw material for the production of primary aluminum in glass, ceramics and refractory industries. It is also necessary for manufacturing of insulation, composites, abrasives, as well as for coating to protect metals from oxidation, corrosive environment and erosive wear.

ПProduced by:
  • Aluminum of Kazakhstan JSC (the Pavlodar Alumina Plant).

Primary unalloyed commercial grade aluminum (A7-A85) is formed into small ingots (20 kg) and complies with the ST AO 40494160-011-2009 standard. It is used to produce refined aluminum, aluminum alloys and electrically conductive products.

Produced by:
  • АО « Pavlodar Aluminum Smelter JSC.

Thermal coal of KSN grade is used for electricity generation at power plants in Kazakhstan and in Russia. Grade D long-flame coal is used in energy and utility sectors and as a reducing agent in metallurgical processes. Another application involves transforming coal into special coke, which is a reducing agent for ferroalloy production.

Produced by:
  • The Vostochny open-pit coal mine at EEC JSC
  • Shubarkol Komir JSC.
Aksu power station accounts for more than 17% of the total electricity generated in the country
Produced by:
  • EEC JSC;
  • The thermal power plant of Aluminium of Kazakhstan JSC;
  • The thermal power plant of SSGPO JSC, the power plant of the Aktobe Ferroalloys Plant.
Transport Services

The own fleet of TransCom LLP comprises more than 12 thousand units, including 8,570 gondola cars, 697 flat wagons, 1,845 containers, 740 cement carriers and 482 open hopper cars.

Auxiliary Products

(Limestone, dolomite,
crushed stone and gravel)

Dolomite is a high-grade raw material used for production of castables which are applied in metallurgy. Limestone is used as flux in pellet production, as well as in alumina production. Crushed stone is supplied to the construction industry.

Produced by:
  • SSGPO JSC, Aluminum of Kazakhstan JSC;
  • TNC Kazchrome JSC.