Charity and Sponsorship

The Eurasian Resources Group takes steps to implement social projects in the following areas:

Child Care Institutions

Support for orphanages and children's educational institutions, organizing recreation in the best camps in Kazakhstan for children from low-income families, children from SOS Villages in Kazakhstan.


Support for sports projects, including volleyball, horse riding, cycling, football, figure skating, tennis, weightlifting; Sponsorship of the Irtysh and Aktobe football clubs, the Ice Hockey Federation of Kazakhstan, the Chess Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Olympic medallists;

Cultural Projects

Support for cultural projects, publishing books on cultural heritage (Dombyra, Kazakh Traditional Culture, issuing collections of the best works of Kazakhstani golden pens).


Contribution to promoting spiritual values, charitable projects to construct churches and mosques in Khromtau, Aktobe, Aksu, Rudny and a synagogue in Kostanay.

Health Care Facilities

Support for health care facilities through donation of 50 ambulance vehicles to health care facilities; sponsorship to open an outpatient clinic in the city of Karagandy; construction of a health centre and an outpatient clinic in the Aktobe Region, construction of a resort for mud bath treatment at Lake Balkhash.

Support for Veterans

The Group provides targeted support for veterans of the Great Patriotic War. To mark the 65th anniversary of the Great Victory, the Group implemented a project to install and renovate monuments to Kazakhstani soldiers who died in the Pskov Region of the Russian Federation (Manshuk Mametova, a trooper Abylkhair Baymuldin, a sniper Ibrahim Suleimenov, a sniper Aliya Moldagulova). The Group also implemented a project to arrange treatment and medical examinations for veterans of the Great Patriotic War suffering from ophthalmic diseases; as part of the project, Israeli specialists were engaged, and about 50 surgeries were performed.