Procurement Portal

For the procurement of goods, works and services of the Eurasian Resources Group Enterprises, the Procurement Portal is being launched, where any potential supplier who has passed certification has the right to participate in the bidding. The certification procedure is absolutely free.

Internet address:

Participation in bidding on the Procurement Portal allows the supplier to have a number of advantages:

1 Automatically receive invitations to bid

2 Saving money on an advertising campaign

3 Single window system

4 Transparency and open procurement process

5 Fair competition, equal rights of all suppliers of goods, works and services

6 Bidding is possible from anywhere in the world without leaving your office

For supplier certification on the Procurement Portal, you can contact the following contacts:


For technical support, you can contact the following contacts:

P: +7 7172 61 29 99 (Service Desk)