One of the key principles underlying the operations of enterprises of the Eurasian Group consists in integrity and respect for fundamental rules of business ethics. This means, among other things, that transparency, openness, honesty and trust are the key principles of conduct that absolutely all employees of the Eurasian Group should adhere to.

The Eurasian Group runs a confidential hotline. You may call the hotline in order to report unethical behaviour of employees of the Eurasian Group.

You may call the hotline at any time of the day from any phone number; the calls are free and anonymous.

To call the hotline, please follow the instructions below:

  1. dial 8 800 121 4321;
  2. after listening to the message in English, enter the code: 866 605 3095;
  3. after listening to the message about selecting a language, press the button corresponding to the language that you have selected;
  4. wait for a response from an interpreter (the waiting time may total up to 7 or 8 minutes);
  5. leave a message.

You may also send a message by email to:,

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