Inventory Sale

Inventory of the Eurasian Resources Group that is not used in the production process is sold via the Inventory Sale Website.

Internet website:

Special features of sales by auction

Both individuals and companies may participate in bidding

2 The sales process is open and transparent

To submit an application for participation in bidding, you need to register your intention to buy on the Website.


You may also send an application for participation in an auction to a sales manager by fax or by email.


If you have any questions concerning the list of inventory items to be sold by enterprises of the Eurasian Resources Group, you may contact us through the following channels:

Sales Directorate of "Eurasian Group" LLP

+7 (7172) 61 24 30 - Sergey (auction manager)

+7 (7172) 61 23 26 - Andrey(auction manager)


+7 (7172) 61 23 21 - Gulmira (auction manager)


+7 (7172) 61 24 92 - Yerlan (auction manager)