Investment projects

$ 12,6 billion

Since the beginning of its operations in Kazakhstan, ERG has invested over US$ 12,6 billion in development of existing production operations and establishment of the new ones.

Projects forming part of the State Programme on Forced Industrial-Innovative Development of Kazakhstan

From 2011 through 2018, investments in production of the Eurasian Resources Group in Kazakhstan exceeded US$ 6,4 billion.

Overall, as part of the first industrial five-year plan, the Group’s contribution amounted to 13% of total investments in the country.

12 investment projects by cluster:

Ferroalloy production

$ 843 million

Construction of the Ferroalloys Plant in Aktobe

$ 63 million

Sinter Plant (Aksu FP of TNC Kazchrome JSC)

Iron ore production and metal rolling:

$ 50million

Construction of Process Area No.17

$ 36 million

Metal Rolling Plant (SSGPO JSC)

$ 4,4 million

Construction of lime kilns. Designing and introducing a line for grinding and packing lime in the village of Kyzyl-Zhar

$ 454 million

High-quality crushing and preparation plant at DOF-2 and MMC-4

Coal industry:

$ 85 million

Dragline stripping complex

Increasing power generating capacities:

$ 251 million

Renovation of Unit No.2 of the Aksu Power Plant

$ 276 million

Overhaul of Power Unit No.6

$ 6,3 million

Industrial engineering of the electrical complex

Aluminium production:

$ 243million

Construction of the Aluminium Smelter, phase 2

$ 307million

Baked anode production (KAS JSC)

Investment Projects of the Eurasian Resources Group

The Eurasian Resources Group considers implementing the following major medium-term investment projects:

Construction of a plant for hot briquetted iron production


Construction of the second electrolysis plant for primary aluminium production


Construction of two new 660 MW power units