The primary objective of our candidate selection system is to provide enterprises of the Eurasian Group with qualified employees having skills and competencies necessary for achieving business objectives. Our Group is committed to hiring qualified employees who are able and willing to deliver the best results in the course of their work. Personnel selection procedures are based on international best practices in order to enhance the Company's image as a reliable employer.

Personnel selection principles:

1 Focus on internal recruitment. When considering candidates for vacancies, the Company gives priority to its own employees, while maintaining objectivity and impartiality in the candidate selection process.

2 Alignment of professional and personal qualities of candidates with job requirements, as well as special features of organizational culture and the Company’s traditions.

3 Ensuring equal rights and opportunities for candidates. All candidates for vacancies shall undergo a competitive selection process on equal terms, without discrimination on any grounds.

4 Creating a favourable environment to enable new employees to adapt as quickly as possible. Induction: line managers, HR specialists and mentors help new employees to become acquainted with work requirements and standards and special features of the Company’s organizational culture.

5 Regular assessment of effectiveness of recruitment based on a comprehensive analysis of a number of aspects: compliance of selected candidates with specified requirements, results of internal and external recruitment, causes of staff turnover; conducting employee surveys on the quality of personnel selection procedures and on whether the expectations they had when taking up employment have been satisfied.